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Art Can Cera Hotel Mallorca


Meet Can Cera’s makers. Learn the stories behind their fascinating artworks.

Art Adriana Meunie Can Cera Hotels It Mallorca Mobile
Adriana Meunie Can Cera Hotel (2)

Adriana Meunié

Raw, wild and provocative. Adriana Meunié is the Mallorcan artist behind the evocative tapestries that you will find in Can Cera’s salons. Esparto, raffia and ancient threads full of stories grown on her Atelier in Felanitx.

Adriana claims the value of primary materials and handwork. Her art is a reflection of her high commitment to promoting the traditions, crafts and culture of Mallorca, as well as her bet on sustainability and regenerative agriculture.


Between the raw and the pure to find an essence. Jaume Roig’s ceramics fill our space. From the masterpiece in our Patio to the small pieces over our marble tables and the stunning sculpture by our library. 

Jaume defines his work as “synthesized nature”, a research of abstract spaces and fragments of natural elements, seeking to minimize forms. 

The Mallorcan artist finds inspiration through the stones, rustic landscapes and the neutral color scale you find in Southern Mallorca, where he lives. 

Art Jaume Roig Can Cera Hotels It Mallorca Mobile
Jaume Roig Can Cera Hotel
Art Jordi Alcaraz Can Cera Hotels It Mallorca Mobile
Jordi Alcaraz Can Cera Hotel


One of the leading artists in the national scene. Painter and sculptor. Jordi Alcaraz’s artistic language is defined by its visual provocation. Alcaraz’s most recurrent proposal is the questioning of the specific nature of painting in confrontation or in symbiosis with the very identity of sculpture. 

Black and white and the interrelation of transparencies and holes prevail in his work.         

This beautiful sculpture awaits you on your arrival. Inspired by the branches of a kiwi fruit tree from a farm in Sant Cebrià de Vellalta, it shows Jordi Alcaraz’s free artistic language.


From the series “Inhale-Exhale”. The masterpiece by Mallorcan artist Estefania Pomar is made of organic cotton, treated in her studio, and the pigment is a mixture of charcoal and marble. 

” This piece is a great exhale. The exhalation is so great that it comes off the canvas.
You know when you arrive at a hotel or a place after a trip, this exhalation that you do when you put down your suitcases and release your shoulders… The idea is that you drop your worries along with your suitcases and simply enjoy the journey! “.

Art Estefania Pomar Can Cera Hotels It Mallorca Mobile
Estefania Pomar Can Cera Hotel
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